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Core Subject 6 Pack | 6 x 473ml Cans

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Core Subject 6 Pack 

2 x Vice Principal 5.6%

Our third core subject. A hybrid that bridges the gap between the modern hop and traditional sweet malt foundation. Perfect for your first steps into the world of craft flavours, while holding enough hop character for the dedicated hop heads. 

Notes of Orange, Piney, Light Caramel

2 x Principal 4.5%

The Principal  Pale  Ale  is  an  'aromatic'  pale  ale;  having  an  aroma  similar to  an  IPA  but  with  the approachability of an American Pale Ale. Highlighting hop flavor and aroma without overdoing bitterness, the Principal has a light body and crisp finish making it a very refreshing beer.

Notes of pine, guava and green mango

2 x Recess Pilsner 4.7%

Take a break with our most approachable beer; best for new craft beer drinkers and summer patios. Our classic German pilsner with a clean crips distinctive but not overbearing lager yeast profile.

Notes of sweet lemon, chardonnay, slight bready finish